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Joint Ventures Services


This initiative is aimed at creating a platform where landowners who are not interested in selling off their assets but rather looking to partner with real estate developers who can help add value to their lands in a mutually beneficial arrangement.


* Land owners can register their lands for free on the platform stating what their objectives for the land are as well as their terms and conditions for the Joint Venture (JV).


* Developers can consequent upon the above, come to the site to look for available lands for JV in their locations of interest and at a glance, see the terms and conditions of the land owners.


Apart from bringing these two parties together, our other service on this matter would include:


To the land owners


1.) Through a common interest screening process get shortlisted viable developers for the landowner’s project and make the necessary connections.


2.) Where required, set up a meeting with both parties and oversee/handle the negotiation process.


3.) Other general advisory services such as assistance for market intelligence, commercial analysis, schematics/drawings, legal assistance till closing of the transaction.


To the developer:


1.) Where required, help provide the commercial analysis for the project at an agreed fee.


2.) Where required, help get the schematics/drawings for the project from one of our registered architects at a charge.


3.) Help make the connection with the land owners


4.) Help get building approvals if required.


5.) Provide assistance with the Development agreement as well as other legal matters if required.


Requirements from Landowners:


1.) Clear pictures of the land


2.) Description of the land, including size and location but not actual address.


3.) Terms and conditions (I.e. profit sharing ratio, type of development wanted, premium etc)


4.) Copy of the survey (not to be visible to the developers at the initial stage)


5.) A reliable contact person.


Register as a Landowner


Requirements for the Developer:


1.) Expression of interest mail with a company profile attached.


2.) Schematics of the proposed development along with a proposal


3.) Commercial analysis for the project


4.) Proof of funds for the project to be made available at the meeting with the landowner.

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