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Registration on the Souq Granduer platform is open across Nigeria to individual/corporate land owners and their agents.

By registering a property on the Souq Grandeur platform, property owners agree that a commission of 5% of the value of the Joint Venture shall be payable to Souq Grandeur.

In respect of professional services rendered by Souq Granduer at the user’s instance, charges and rates shall apply as agreed in each transaction. Such other offered services include but are not limited to the following:

i.) Preparation of market intelligence report;

ii.) Preparation of commercial analysis;

iii.) Preparation of Bill of Quantity for a project;

iv.) Preparation of Architectural drawings/schematics for a project;v.) Legal services;vi.) Securing building permits/approvals etc.

The user shall carry out independent due diligence for every transaction and hold Souq Grandeur harmless for any loss of monies paid in respect of land transactions which result from failure to carry out necessary verifications.

Either party can terminate agency at any time by giving 5 days’ notice, which should be confirmed in writing.
By ticking the box below, the user agrees to be bound by the said terms.