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My New Year Message


Happy New Year guys, I wish above all things that this year brings you answers to your prayers and maximum achievement of your goals.

Like most New Year periods, expectations are really high. People have written down new goals for the new year, they have prayed about their goals and are so optimistic about the year. However, like most years, what will set the achievers apart from the rest will be their ability to stay laser-focused on the set goals.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but like 2016, this year will also come with its many challenges and it may get very tough as well. Although, I strongly believe that no matter how challenging the year turns out to be, your goals will still be achievable if you refuse to get distracted.

In my opinion, this is one year you have to innovate like never before (especially if had a rough 2016)as your survival may very much depend on it. Get your strategies right as brute force won’t help very much this year. Get it right on paper first before you set out to do anything. Most of the battles you will fight this year will either be won or lost before you leave your house or office.

I don’t know how last year was for you but I’m sure it could have been better. No matter how successful you were last year, there is always a greater dimension since we must always maintain our aspiration for greater heights. If like me, you long for a much better year than 2016 was then you will need to:

1) Hit the reset button/Renew your mind: Last year is gone; you can never get it back. Forget about the opportunities you lost, the many goals you couldn’t achieve and so on. It’s a brand new year and it’s filled with bigger and better opportunities than 2016. There is a lot more money to be made this year than last year and greater goals to be achieved. Leave the failures of the past, you don’t need them here. What’s gone is gone, what’s ahead now is all that matters. Let your imaginations run wild this year, don’t hold back. In Napoleon Hill’s words,“Imagination is the workshop of the soul wherein are shaped all plans for individual achievement.” Man’s greatest gift is a thinking mind.

2) Make up your mind to succeed this year: No matter where you’re located, the fact is that your environment is already helping you design the perfect excuses to fail again this year. It may range from a change in government to a bad economy and so on. However, if you don’t make up your mind now about what you want to see by December 31, 2017 then I’m sure a good excuse will just be good enough for you.

3) Be Resilient: Tough times don’t last; only tough people do. Like I’ve said before, this year isn’t going to be particularly easier than last year but you can choose to be tougher than you were last year and more creative. Each time a road block comes your way you can take it lying down or get back up with a new and better solution each time. It’s all up to you.

4) Have Faith: Eventually, we all realize that winning and losing is a function of our believe system. If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t then no one can help you until you believe otherwise. Your greatest limitations are the ones you impose upon yourself mentally. You must have faith that the goals you’re setting for the year will he achieved. Your faith therefore is the foundation upon which you build your success this year. The deeper and stronger your faith the better.

Once again, I wish you a prosperous new year and please, make this year a memorable one.