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Luxury Redefined: What Do You Call Luxury

Posted by on July 28, 2016
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Luxury Redefined 

Many times when people hear the term “Luxury” being said, they auto-tune their attention away from such discussion thinking to themselves it is only for the wealthy and affluent ones. This is a mentality I strongly urge be changed.

As much as luxury is a word mostly used to describe an exquisite material or item, it can also be referred to as a lifestyle. That you are in an economically challenged situation does not mean you cannot afford a life of luxury.

Even though things like fulfillment, prestige, pride, exclusiveness and high-end price tags are the distinctive features of buying a luxury item, it does not end there. There is so much more to living a luxury lifestyle than that.

As things are constantly evolving and change being inevitable, the definition of the word “luxury” is not exempted. The new definition centers more on the areas of Quality and Ease, something that modern life has caused us to keep coming back to.

Large Scale Luxury

Many brands are now producing versions of their high-end products and making it affordable to most people. This can be seen in luxury goods like designer handbags, shoes, clothing’s and accessories. These cheaper versions still carries the brands logo and designs and other things that makes the brand. Such brands include Louise Vuitton and Gucci.

The Need for Quality

Everyone appreciates a quality product whether or not it is affordable. Quality goods also leaves the consumers with a feeling of comfort knowing that the products will last longer and represents their status quo.

Looking at gadgets, cars and other luxury goods like clothing’s, consumers now have the benefits of enjoying top-notch customer service experience, which comes from buying a luxury brand.

As we get more exposed to various things, people and situations on a daily basis, the term “luxury” will continue to evolve and might become in some years’ time the “New normal”.

What are your thoughts? What is your definition of luxury?