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Posted by on December 6, 2017
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WHAT IS SELLING? Selling is the act of persuading someone of the merits of your products or services, ideas etc. To sell, you simply share your perceived useful information with other people through word of mouth or other means with the aim of getting their buy-in. Sales therefore is the activity or business of selling products or services.


To sell anything, there must first be a transfer of enthusiasm. You may not succeed at selling something you’re not enthused or excited about.


You can sell anything and everything ranging from; products and services, to ideas, lifestyles, people, yourself, religious beliefs/ideologies, theories etc.




Let’s deal with the negative sales mindsets. Selling is 80% mindset and 20% sales strategies and tactics. So, if your mindset is faulty, you will ultimately struggle to sell.


Growing up, I didn’t like the way the sales people I saw looked so, I resented them. I also didn’t like them cos people generally saw them as con men who were only interested in collecting your money by feeding you false information with a sweet mouth. However, as I grew and started my first job, I realized that sales people are as important to the growth of any organization or economy as bees are to the survival of mankind. The business world is a battle ground, the side that sells is the side that wins.


To sell, you don’t need to pressure someone to buy what you’re selling. You’re only required to share the information you have truthfully and if your prospect sees value in the product, a sale is imminent.


The point here is, you’re not a con man. You don’t force people to buy what they need. Once people feel pressure by you they’ll start avoiding you hence, you’ve lost the sale.




To be an effective sales person, you must combine action, clarity of purpose, confidence, determination, knowledge, leverage, patience, perseverance, planning and responsibility.


1.) Action: Are you too busy talking about selling instead of selling or too busy selling to talk about selling. How are your actions supporting your results.


2.) Clarity of purpose: You must be able to answer the following questions: What are your goals? Do you know your target market? What are their behavioral patterns, their demographics, lifestyle etc?


3.) Confidence: Confidence draws people to you. If they see how confident you are about what you’re selling, the likelihood is that they will believe in it too and vice versa. So, dress well, smell good, be bold, maintain eye contact and speak with confidence.


4.) Determination: Selling isn’t a piece of cake. It is fun, but not for lazy people or quitters. You must make up your mind to stick with it till you win.


5.) Knowledge: You must know your company, your offerings (i.e. what you’re selling), know your pitch, know your customers and prospects, know your competition, know your industry, know your numbers and know yourself. Equip yourself with knowledge. The more knowledge of your product or service you have the more confident you will be.


6.) Leverage: Use the resources at your disposal well. E.g. client referrals and references, I.T. (social media)


7.) Patience: You must settle in your mind that anything worthwhile takes time.


8.) Perseverance: Don’t give up on qualified prospects, reorder or upscale opportunities.


9.) Planning: Plan daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Success doesn’t happen by chance, the more you plan the better you’ll be. The devil is in the detail.


10.) Responsibility: Don’t play the blame game. Take 100% responsibility of your results.


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